Salon Silk By Ranee Larue

Hello! Thank you for choosing me as your trusted stylist. Please be sure to read below all rules and practices of the salon. COVID-19 Clients, please text 847-878-4874 when you arrive. Stay in your vehicle until you receive a text to come in. Do not come to the door until you receive instructions to do so. The following rules and best practices are mandatory for all clients. If you are feeling sick stay home. Face coverings are required to enter the salon. The coverings must cover the mouth and nose. They must be worn the entire duration of your visit. (Not taken down for ANY reason) I Do NOT allow any food, eating or drinking in the salon. If you need to do do you may step outside of the salon. Wash your hands in our bathroom or use the hand sanitizer station located in the salon. You are subject to forehead temperature checks upon entering the salon. Covid-19 Waivers must be signed before service. The waivers will be available in the salon and are HERE. Our refund policy is in full effect for all COVID-19 related issues. If local and/or state government force us to temporarily close, we will reschedule your appointment up to 6 months. Absolutely no refunds. MISCELLANEOUS If it is at all possible, please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. We recommend that you book your next appointment prior to leaving the salon so that we can be sure to accommodate your schedule. No children and/or additional patrons allowed without an appointment or being serviced. It is your responsibility to inform us of any customization instructions at least two weeks before your reservation LATE ARRIVAL Please be timely for your appointment. I definitely understand life and things happen but I try and keep everyone moving and on about their day so please be respectful of others coming after you. More than 10-15 minutes and their is no guarantee that you are able to be serviced And additionally you will be charged for the appointment. BOOKINGS Be sure that you are booking the proper services that you would like to receive. If you do not have the proper appointment booked then there is no guarantee that you will receive the service or you may be canceled all together. Example: Booking a short hair slot because it’s available when in fact you do not have short (pixie style) hair. YOU WILL BE CANCELED!!! NOTE: All new clients and clients that haven’t been to me over a month must add Detox treatments to their services. Color appointments: All new color clients must book a consultation prior to receiving color. This can NOT be Booked the same day as the wanted color service. It must be two separate appointments on two separate days. If you are just wanting a basic black or brown that is simply covering gray please call or send text and I will make and exception. HAIR PREPARATION BEFORE/UPON ARRIVAL All new clients and clients that have not been seen over a month must book detox treatments. Shampoo and blow-dry is included in all services. However, your hair must be fully detangled/un-matted before your arrival. Hair that is freshly unbraided must be detangled/un-matted. If your hair is tangled or matted your service is not guaranteed. In the event that you are not serviced your deposit is non refundable. In the event that you are serviced, your will be charged $75 per hour, pro-rated, to detangle your hair. EXTREMEMLY THICK HAIR Those with EXTREMELY THICK HAIR will be charged an additional fee. This fee varies. If you are unsure if you fit in this category, please send us a picture BEFORE you reserve your spot. NO SHOWS It is our expectation, without exception, that every client maintains their scheduled appointment date and time. In the unfortunate event that a new client is a no show, you will no longer be able to book with me as a client. Please respect my time as I do yours. Additionally, in the event that a client is not serviced and/or rescheduled due to their non-arrival, their deposit can’t be refunded or transferred. No exceptions. Thank you!!

Business Hours

10 AM - 12 PM
11 AM - 6 PM
10 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 1 PM

Cancellation Policy

Client must cancel 24 hrs prior to appointment time or 50% cancellation fee will apply! NO EXCEPTIONS!!